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I am a noob when it comes to permissions and admin rights. Out of the blue My external HDS are asking me for permission to this and that. some apps cannot read the data on those drives bc they are blocked from doing so, even when running as ADMIN. so i just want to be DONE WITH IT ALL. either i want to remove all permissions from my pc (#1 choice imho) or i want a program, or a script, that will just give me master rights to everything, every external hdd as well and all files inside so i never have a CANNOT DO X TASK BC OF RIGHTS ever again.

is there any software that simply allows me to do this? i don't get why there is not much more. I see all of these NTFS REPORTER apps, but i dont need a report on anything. i need to be able to CHANGE the permissions and access. I just want to be able to do anything to any file without UAC asking me to click okay, or outright denying me from accessing, saving, or deleting. 


If you or anyone can help me accomplish this task with a .bat or software i can use that will allow me to not have this problem. I tried the program, make me admin, didnt do much from what i can tell. 

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It's not recommended to give your account full access to everything, as this can create security vulnerabilities and potentially harm your system. Instead, it's better to manage permissions carefully and only grant access when necessary.

That being said, you can take ownership of files and folders and modify permissions to grant yourself full access. Here's how you can do it using PowerShell:

1- Open PowerShell as an administrator.

2- Navigate to the directory that contains the file or folder you want to modify permissions for using the cd command.

3- Run the following command to take ownership of the file or folder:

takeown /f <file_or_folder_path>

4- Next, grant yourself full permissions using the icacls command:

icacls <file_or_folder_path> /grant <username>:F

You can also use the GUI to modify permissions if you prefer. Right-click on the file or folder you want to modify permissions for, select "Properties", then go to the "Security" tab. Click on "Edit" to modify permissions and grant yourself full access.

Note that modifying permissions can potentially break functionality or cause issues with certain programs