Need powershell script to update microsoft edge in wvd environment

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> Need help in creating a powershell script to update Microsoft Edge in WVD environment ( VM's )

> OS : Windows 2019 Server

Requirement steps:

1 - close all sessions in the WVD VM. 

2 - launch Edge and open the About page

3 - close edge after a couple of mins and then update it

4. a lot of time through the edge browser is just pending a restart to finish installing it. So is there a way to also force it to check for an update to be included in the script. 

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Hi, Sorry for the delayed response. The problem is there are 6 WVD machines in a host pool that will be switched off for the most of the time, it will be turned on only when required. That means those machines will have an older version of Edge unless we manually close and restart the Edge. In order to solve it, what we were thinking is to at least turn on the machines in a host pool on every Monday for sometime using a runbook /script to get these updates and it will auto shut down after some time anyways if there is no load /sessions.