Need help changing Printer Port Name in Bulk

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Hello all, I am in now way a powershell person, I have used other peoples scripts and manipulated to do what I needed but I am stuck on this one and running out of time. I just need to change the portname of roughly 300 printers from "Printer-Name" to "Papercut_Printer-Name" as shown below. i have a .csv file created based off the link below but I feel that I may not need that whole script to do what I am doing (and it errors out anyway), and the technet link below that I am unsure of how to point at a .csv. If anyone could help me that would be great. Thank you very much!




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I should mention that the new Papercut_Printer-Name ports are not yet created except for the ones shown in the screen shot so i would need to add the port than set the existing to the new port name