MS Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK to assign licenses in bulk from a csv file

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I have a .csv file with over 400 users in it in the form of the email address of each user.

I need to assign a Microsoft 365 license to each user as a one-off process. They currently have three separate licenses, Windows 10, EMS and Office 365.

I used to be able to use msol cmdlets but these have been deprecated and I can no longer use them.

the cmdlets were Get-Content 




etc etc...


But now I have to use MS Graph Powershell SDK (which I have installed) and for the life of me I cannot work out how to do this.


I can see its Set-MgUserLicense -AddLicenses but all the examples I see are to set a licence to just one user...

I want to read my list of users and do a For-Each on them but I cant see how I can do that in Microsoft Graph Powershell SDK.

Can anyone help?



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You will need to build the script but using Graph SDK PowerShell, I recommend this resource to start getting use to it to have the confidence to create it and use it
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Hi @AdamAtTheMuseum 


Figure Out your SKUID's here 


Connect-MgGraph -Scopes User.ReadWrite.All, Directory.ReadWrite.All

$CSV = Import-CSV -Path C:\Test\users.csv #-Delimiter ";"

ForEach ($User in $CSV)


$UPN = $User.Email

Set-MgUserLicense -UserId $UPN -AddLicenses @{SkuId = 'cb10e6cd-9da4-4992-867b-67546b1db821'} -RemoveLicenses @() 





Thanks everyone I have managed to figure it out with your help!

@Andres Bohren 

my CSV files is formatted like this


email address removed for privacy reasons

email address removed for privacy reasons 

email address removed for privacy reasons 

email address removed for privacy reasons

I tried using your recommendation but my script is below


$CSV = Import-Csv C:\changelicense\batch01.csv #-Delimiter ";"
ForEach ($User in $CSV) {
$UPN = $
Set-MgUserLicense -UserId $UPN -AddLicenses @() -RemoveLicenses @{SkuId = $Mf3Sku.SkuId}
Set-MgUserLicense -UserId $UPN -AddLicenses @{SkuId = $0e3Sku.SkuId} -RemoveLicenses @()


but I'm getting 


Cannot convert the literal 'System.Collections.Hashtable' to the expected type 'Edm.Guid'.


what am I'm missing? thanks in advance


II think the CSV is fine 

Try to replace the SKU with the ID as a String "skuid" 


Or add $() to your SKUId

Set-MgUserLicense -UserId $UPN -AddLicenses @{SkuId = $($0e3Sku.SkuId) }




Thanks for responding @Andres Bohren 


The licenses is working is use it for one email address at a time.  that I'm getting error at is on -UserId


errors says cannot bind because UserID is empty string. I can't seem to pull the list of email addresses from the imported CSV. when I run the command using the same address on the CSV at one time, it works.





$CSV = Import-Csv C:\changelicense\batch01.csv #-Delimiter ";"
#Check what's in the CSV by selecting the first Item of the Array


ForEach ($User in $CSV) {
$UPN = $

Write-Host "Working on: $UPN"

Set-MgUserLicense -UserId $UPN -AddLicenses @() -RemoveLicenses @{SkuId = $($Mf3Sku.SkuId)}
Set-MgUserLicense -UserId $UPN -AddLicenses @{SkuId = $($0e3Sku.SkuId)} -RemoveLicenses @()



Hi @Andres Bohren,

Can you help me to convert my script to the new version
$userName = "SampleUsername"
$password = "Password"
$securePassword = ConvertTo-SecureString -String $password -AsPlainText -Force
$credential = New-Object -TypeName System.Management.Automation.PSCredential -ArgumentList $userName, $securePassword
Connect-MsolService -Credential $credential
$users = Import-Csv D:\O365\bulk2.csv
Import-Csv -Path D:\O365\bulk2.csv | ForEach-Object {New-MsolUser -DisplayName $_.DisplayName -FirstName $_.FirstName -LastName $_.LastName -UserPrincipalName $_.UserPrincipalName -LicenseAssignment $_.AccountSkuId -Password $_.Password -UsageLocation $_.UsageLocation }

I'm not really good with this kind of script, I really appreciate if you can help me :)



im in the same ballpark


$CsvFilePath = "C:\Users\d.kritikos\Downloads\CSV-Files\A1StudentsTestList.csv"
$A1SkuId = Get-MgSubscribedSku -All| Where-Object SkuPartNumber -eq STANDARDPACK_STUDENT
$CsvData = Import-Csv $CsvFilePath
$Userlist = foreach ($CsvRow in $CsvData) {
$Upn = $CsvRow.UserPrincipalName
Get-MgUser -Filter "UserPrincipalName eq '$Upn'"`
-ConsistencyLevel eventual -CountVariable licensedUserCount -All `
-Select UserPrincipalName,DisplayName,AssignedLicenses
foreach($user in $Userlist)
$user = Set-MgUserLicense -UserId $user.UserPrincipalName -RemoveLicenses @($A1SkuId.SkuId) -AddLicenses @{}


returns error

Set-MgUserLicense : Cannot convert the literal '' to the expected type 'Edm.Guid'.
At line:3 char:5
+ $user = Set-MgUserLicense -UserId $user.UserPrincipalName -Remove ...


I would love to see a working example of this too.