Microsoft SharePoint Online Management Shell issue

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 have SharePoint Online Power Management Shell version 16.0.8316.1200 installed on my laptop. Now I want to install latest version of it, but previous version of the shell is not overwriting neither it is getting uninstall.

When I run Get-Module command I can see installed version but when I try run Uninstall-Module I get error 

After further digging I found that it is installed through Program and Features of Control Panel 


I try to uninstall but it always ask me to for original package file to uninstall so I cannot uninstall it too. I am stuck over here. Can somebody help me from where I can download old version of msi so I can uninstall reinstall latest version 


Somebody help me to resolve this issue

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@Milind Saraswala 


Wow look at all the support you've got. NOT!!


Yes, I have the same issue.

Hi @Milind Saraswala @Carl_Williams 

This is corrupted registry information, usually happens when the setup cannot find the location for the cache due to some issues

you can try using clean up application which can check the registry entries or download one from Microsoft


@farismalaeb Thanks for that. That's what I figured but no one at Microsoft seems to be able to figure that out. Surprise!!!!!


I didn't receive any notification of your comment. I just happened to look in messages.




@Milind Saraswala I found I couldn't uninstall because the SharePoint management shell was installed by a different user.  When I switched to that user, I could uninstall successfully and it was removed.