Manage Server Services with PowerShell and use SharePoint Indicators to reference their state

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Thank you for accepting me to this community. it is a real pleasure to be here 


I am hoping that someone here can help me with starting off a project I have. I have been tasked with something I have never done before which is to write a PowerShell script that will manage all services required to keep the SharePoint on Promise Farm Servers running. 

the script is to manage the services on all the servers to check if they are running and if not restart them. 

I am unfortunately stuck as I do not know how to write a script that will push each servers service status to a SharePoint list with indicators showing the state in real time.  This relates to SharePoint On Premise Farms

I know this is a big ask but I have written the script to manage the Services and added this to a scheduled task but I have no idea how to map these statuses to a SharePoint List.


I would really appreciate any help offered on here as reading through the topics I can see that there are truly some experts here and hope you can help. 

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