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I am trying to use the command "Get-JcSdkOffice365UsersToImport -Office365Id" . I am unsure of what the Office365Id is however. I have tried using TenantID, the JumpCloud app object ID, my user ID, the ID in the URL of JC office integration, and my email address but none of these have worked. 

Anyone know what this value should be?

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Regarding your question about the "Office365Id" parameter, this parameter refers to the Office 365 tenant ID. The tenant ID is a unique identifier for your Office 365 organization and can be found in the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) portal.
Once you have your Office 365 tenant ID, you can use it as the value for the "Office365Id" parameter in the "Get-JcSdkOffice365UsersToImport" command.