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I was told over on the Q&A site that "Your feedback will go directly to Microsoft engineers and helps to shape the future of Microsoft products and services." if I post here, so if that's true:

I understand that PowerShell is becoming more important. Since I also use Unix, I get that some things only work through the shell (SET, IPv6 RAs etc.). But with 2019 I've recently come across some things which are supposed to work through the GUI but don't.

I retrain people for IT jobs who my have been a cook or accountant, hell I even had a gravedigger once. And they get confused when things don't work like expected and I have to tell them "I'll do overtime and get back to you tomorrow, or the day after that, or later, depending on how badly MS F'd things up this time".

So, if things are not supposed to work through the GUI, just through PowerShell, why not just remove the options from the GUI? Would make my live so much easier!

Especially since 2019 is not really spanking new anymore and I've reproduced at least one of those issues (Conditional forwarding for IP6.ARPA zones in DNS) on 2022 IP as well.

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@mbuette Hello! Can you please link to where you were told that on Q&A? 


You've posted your question in the Tech Community Discussion space, which is intended for discussion around the Tech Community website itself, not product questions. I'm moving your question to the PowerShell space- please post PowerShell questions here in the future. 

@EricStarkerHere's the Link, 2nd comment to OP. Also, it's not really a PS question, more a GUI question where things don't work and don't get fixed (Storage Pools, Language Packs etc.).

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If you are in the Insider - Business program, please read this

Good luck Andrew

The correct answer would have been "Use the Feedback Hub with either your personal or business account" But you got me there, so thanks :)

Well, I was just about finished with this thread, but was still curious about Tech Community vs. Q&A so I stumbled about this thread ( with the "best response confirmed by Eric Starker" stating that MCT's purpose among others, is, I quote "provide feedback to product groups". The posting is older, but please, figure it out. Life as a Windows trainer is hard enough without you taking away Technet and replacing it with confusing and overlapping alternatives....
Allen is not wrong. The products with a feedback space (meaning a UserVoice-like experience where you can submit and upvote ideas) in Tech Community are:
Microsoft Stream
Azure Virtual Desktop
Microsoft Launcher
Windows 365
Microsoft 365 Developer Platform
Microsoft Bookings
Microsoft Localization
Microsoft Search
Universal Print

Each product group decides how they want to receive feedback and ideas. Apologies if Allen's comment is misleading but I'm sure that was not his intent. Our community management team does not make the decisions on where feedback lands for each product so I'm sorry we can't eliminate this confusion for you.

@mbuette Hi!

I also thank you, MTC is certainly not Microsoft's technical support and is not in my opinion a place to directly reach microsoft engineering teams.

MTC members are helpful, but it is a public forum in which, above all, there is an exchange of views between Members from all over the world 

IT professionals have trouble getting to the right place with technical feedback this repair needs to be improved!

Good luck 


I guess if you really want you can go into Feedback Hub app and post your concerns, technical issue, or suggestions there. The app should be in your apps menu in your start menu, especially if you're in Insider Program. More info:

@A1-A1: First of all thanks for your effort and help!

But I'm not much interested in an "exchange of views". I understand that the world is not black and white, but grey. On the other hand, IT is binary, 0s and 1s, things work as expected or they don't.

So for now I'll stick with Q&A, this sad excuse for a support forum since MS killed Technet. Why, BTW? I don't have empirical facts, but my feeling is that Q&A is very much inferior to Technet in quality of responses and time for an answer.

So, that's my view. Goodbye!

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If you are in the Insider - Business program, please read this

Good luck Andrew

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