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Hi team,


I would like some guidance over the below requirement. I want to have a HTML page, and inside the HTML page there will be some powershell commands running at a given interval. The powershell is to run and display the outputs on the HTML page.


Is this scenario even possible? I'm quite new so can anyone please point me in some direction.


Thank you.


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No experience with it my self, but maybe this can help you on the way?

One setup I can think of is building a simple ASP.NET website that runs your required PowerShell commands server-side. You can then easily route back the output of the PowerShell commands towards the ASP.NET server-side http request pipeline.





Adam Driscoll have created the UniversalDashboard PowerShell module. It is available in the PowershellGallery. Have a look, it might be the thing you are looking for:





This may be of use - run powershell script and output to webpage in real-time -
I have to agree with Tore here: UniversalDashboard, although a bit of a learning curve will do exactly what you need and much much more. Examples: