How to install macOS version of Windows PowerShell?




I am looking for Windows PowerShell for Mac rather than PowerShell Core (v6+), is it something available?



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Nope, that's why we have Core... You can always spin up a Windows VM if you need it that bad :)
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Hi @Steve_Zhou_zzc,


Windows PowerShell was written exclusively for Windows OS and it is based on .NET Framework that is not portable to other operating systems.


PowerShell Core (6.x) is on the other hand based on .NET Core that is cross-platform, so available on MacOS as well.


Instructions on how to install PowerShell 7 on MacOS:


I am on Windows 10 and I have been using PS 6.x for a long time. I can't recall when I needed to use Windows PowerShell, since the majority of standard modules have been ported to .NET Core already.


In case you need to use some PS module that is not available for PowerShell 7 (Core), you can either run a Windows VM or you could try with PowerShell remoting (either explicit or implicit).