How to get the IP and host names of multiple PCs in the Workgroup network and output the system logs

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I'm investigating a command that can operate the following behavior, but I'm not sure, so I would appreciate it if you could cooperate.
-I want to get the IP addresses and host names of multiple PCs in the network.
-I want to acquire the system log of the event login of the acquired PC and output it as CSV.
(This is because I want to check the time when the PC was started and the time when it was finished.)
-This network is not an Active Directory environment, Windows belongs to Workgroup, and Macintosh is mixed.

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nmap -sn
Put your network number in it. It'll do a ping-sweep of your network and report the reverse DNS's of the up machines. Won't find down machines.

C:> for /L %N in (1,1,254) do @nslookup 192.168.0.%N >> names.txt
That'll do a reverse lookup of every IP in your subnet.