How often do you encounter The request for the Windows Remote Shell Failed?


How often do you encounter a problem with connecting to PowerShell for Exchange Online last days?


In last weeks I see a lot of problems with EU > US connections with failures like "Import-PSSession: Running the Get-Command command in a remote session reported the following error: Processing data for a remote command failed with the following error message: The request for the Windows Remote Shell with ShellId failed because the shell was not found on the server. Possible causes are: the specified ShellId is incorrect or the shell no longer exists on the server."


It looks like InvalidShellID error in RPS in Office 365 Dedicated, but it happening at least four times in an hour last days.

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I get those occasionally, though in my experience it's actually more stable now compared to past weeks. Open a support case, you never know whether there is some ongoing issue not even shown on the SHD...