How can I pull up OS versions a Teams Device is Installed?

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I search for this question but couldn't find an answer. I'm not sure if anyone answered it before but i want to know how i can see what OS employees are using on TEAMS. 

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Hi @RedPanther10 


You could use a KQL Query in Azure LogAnalytics:

| where TimeGenerated > ago(30d)
| where AppDisplayName == "Microsoft Teams"
| where ResultType == 0 //Sucessful Login
| summarize count() by UserPrincipalName, tostring(DeviceDetail.operatingSystem), UserAgent


If you want to use it in PowerShell - maybe this Blog Article will give you some jump start 



Andres Bohren



@Andres Bohren is right about where to look for the information, so you should give him the best reply.

A simple oneliner will give you the info with PowerShell.


Import-Module Microsoft.Graph.Reports
Connect-MgGraph -Scope AuditLog.Read.All,Directory.Read.All
Get-MgAuditLogSignIn -filter 'contains(appDisplayName,"Teams")' | select -Unique userprincipalname, appdisplayname, @{label="OS"; expression={$_.devicedetail.operatingsystem} }


edited with a little improvement, it takes a few minutes to run though



or are you actually looking for teams devices? like desktop phones or meeting room equipment? as in something like this:
I want to see who has TEAMS downloaded on their phones and laptops. So basically i want to know If person1 has it on their phones, because I'm trying to narrow down calls quality. @Andres Bohren response should do the trick.