Hard Delete via Powershell

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Hi Guys.My name is Kostas.I am pretty excited to be in this community. :)

I have a question.

What are the steps for a hard delete of a users mailbox via Powershell?

There has been granted a soft delete of the users mailbox.

Apart from that when trying to authenticate and archive i receive an unknown exchange error followed by Correlations ID.

After soft delet

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First use Remove-Mailbox -Identity "username" and then Get-Mailbox -Identity "username" -SoftDeleted | Remove-Mailbox -PermanentlyDeleteThis should remove/delete it completely.




Did this work out for you?
And what error is it that you received? Screenshot?

thanks for your answers, they were pretty helpful.
I solved it.
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Thanks, good to hear! Please mark my answer as solution to mark it as solved.