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Hi Everyone, I am now to Powershell and just joined this Page today Excuse me for my questions if they don't make any Sense I am here to learn.

I was trying to use this Powershell " Get-SmbShareAccess". My objective is to fetch all sms share an a server But this Permissions on it.

this cmdlets gives me Particular share Permission But I want All shares with All permission on it. I tried googling But didnot find anything.


Can anybody help me with that?


Thanks in Advance.


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From what I understand, first you need to get list of shares on the server using Get-FileShare cmdlet and then use Get-SMBShareAccess to get list of permissions.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you. I kept on digging and found now to use to separate commands in one go.

Get.SmbShare I Get-SmbshareAccess >> c:/ sambshare.TXT


It gave me all what I wanted.