Get-mpcomputerstatus throwing error

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When I am trying to get result from powershell command "Get-MpComputerStatus" it is throwing below error:

Mpcomputerstatus error.png


I have checked the WinDefend service it is in started status. Checked event logs it is showing caused due to unknown error.

OS edition : Windows 10 Enterprise

Version : 1709

OS build : 16299.1087

Please help to solve this issue.

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Hi @SushilVerma2019


I Think Get-MpComputerStatus is not a available in Windows 7. I can't check this out.

You could query machine system logs using get-eventlog command

Hi @Jarmo Haaranen , Get-mpcomputerstatus command is available in Windows 7 and working fine in my other machines , issue facing in few of the machines.

Please suggest any help.

Hi @SushilVerma2019 


Sorry for late answer but what PowerShell version you are using? Could you send $PSVersiontable variable ouput  and full error of command "Get-mpcomputerstatus | fl -force" 

Hi @Jarmo Haaranen ,

Please find the required output from PS commands.


Mpcomputerstatus error2.png




Hi @SushilVerma2019 


Please verify that Wmi repository is consistent, use following command "winmgmt /verifyrepository"

And if it's consistent output will be "WMI repository is consistent"




Hi@Jarmo Haaranen 

WMI repository showing consistent.

Mpcomputerstatus error3.png

Please suggest now , Thank you for being supportive to helping me