Get-CimInstance (-className antispywareproduct) returns no output

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when i run cmdlet Get-CimInstance -namespace root\sercuritycenter2 -classname antispywareproduct on my Windows 10 (20H2) pc it does not return any output. Not even an error. But if I use -classname antivirusproduct, it does return what AV I'm using. 


I've tryed to look inside the event log viewer, but the only logs I could see were 1 - powershell is starting up; 2 - IPC listening on process...; 3 - console is ready for input.


I was trying to troubleshoot why our compliance check (the check reads Windows security center for info) cannot find Bitdefender antispyware. Maybe cmdlet not returning anything could be the issue?

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I had same issue, one of my system return result, but most has no output. It is not cmdlet issue, I tried wbemtest too.