Get AzSentinelDataConnector no output

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Hi All,

I'm trying to export the list of all the data connectors using powershell module  Az Security Insight.
when I run the command Get-AzSentinelDataConnector, I have no output

PS C:\Users\> Get-AzSentinelDataConnector -ResourceGroupName "Resourcegroup Name" -WorkspaceName "WorkSpace Name"
PS C:\Users\>


while using the command Get-AzSentinelAlertRuleTemplate I have all the alert rule as output

PS C:\Users\>

Kind : NRT
LastUpdatedDateUtc : 30-Aug-22 12:00:00 AM
Name : 5db427b2-f406-4274-b413-e9fcb29412f8
Query : AuditLogs
| where ActivityDisplayName =~'Add member to role completed (PIM activation)'
| where Result == "failure"
RequiredDataConnector : {AzureActiveDirectory}
Severity : High
PS C:\Users\>
Can someone support me?

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It's possible that there are no data connectors configured in the specified Azure Sentinel workspace. You can try running the command Get-AzSentinelDataConnector without specifying the -ResourceGroupName and -WorkspaceName parameters to see if any data connectors are returned for your account:


If there are no data connectors returned, you'll need to configure data connectors first before you can use the Get-AzSentinelDataConnector cmdlet.

If you do have data connectors configured but the Get-AzSentinelDataConnector cmdlet is not returning any output, it's possible that you don't have permissions to view data connectors in the specified workspace. Make sure that you have the appropriate permissions assigned to your account. You may need to be added to the "Azure Sentinel Contributor" role in the subscription or resource group where the workspace is located.

If you still can't get any output from the Get-AzSentinelDataConnector cmdlet, you can try using the Azure Portal or Azure Sentinel REST API to view the list of data connectors.


Thank for your reply . I thought  cmdlet Get-AzSentinelDataConnector wihout Id parameters get me the list of all the data connector (Active or Inactive) on Sentinel.

I have tried to use Rest API too (to get the list of all Sentinel Data Connector available) always with the same results. No output ( no error, no any type of messages)





Azure Sentinel Contributor

do you have this access