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Hello everyone,

I'm currently exploring the automation of an initiative proposed by one department in our company.

Our IT employees follow a schedule of 2-3 days in home office and 2-3 days in the office. The suggestion is to create a shared calendar accessible to the entire company, displaying which IT department members are working remotely or in the office.

The proposed workflow involves each IT employee adding a "whole day meeting - Home office" entry to their private calendar. Subsequently, these entries should automatically populate the shared calendar.

My question is: Can this be achieved using PowerShell and a scheduled task? Is there any other solution for that? How can I get started?

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Leon Pavesic

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Hi @LeonPavesic 


Are you using Exchange Online? It's already possible there


I am not a big Fan of giving a ServiceAccount / ServicePrinciple Access to all the Calendars only to copy some Appointments from one Calendar to another.

And it's complex too:

- Changes of Appointments in the Source Calendar have to be tracked (move or delete)

- You need to take into account Appointment Series


If it's a small Number of Team Members is it not faster to just look at theyr Calendar?

If it is a big Number of Team Members the Shared Calendar will get messy and it will not be easy to figure out who is working from Home and not.


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Hi @Andres Bohren,

thank you for your input and the link to the Exchange Online blog. I agree with your concerns about using a Service Account/Service Principle with broad calendar access.

I initially also suggested using work hours as a potential solution, but the management team want to have a shared calender with automation.

Do you perhaps have a solution (or a reference) how to achieve this?

Kindest regards


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Hi @Andres Bohren,

thanks for the answer and a reference link, it is a good starting point for me.

I am marking your answer as the best answer.

Kindest regards

Leon Pavesic

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