Export Import CSV - help please :)

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Hi Everyone


I am currently creating a script that consists of a lot of small tasks, ending with the result being an Excel Report for the management team. But one part is giving me some trouble, so new i seek your help.


I have a number of CSV filers with the following rows:



I am only interested in the "computer" row, which contains computer names on client machines.

I need to end up with a CSV file with only that row + the column data. I have been trying to do the following:



Get-content -Path Pathtosource\sourcefile.csv | Select-Object -Property computer | Export-Csv -path Pathtodestination\destinationfile.csv -NoTypeInformation




To get it done in one command. But all i get is a CSV file with the text "computer" and nothing else. All the column data is missing.


I have been trying this also:



$ElasticBDContent = Get-content -Path PathtoSource\Sourcefile.csv
$ElasticBDContent = $ElasticBDContent | Select-Object -Property computer  
$ElasticBDContent | Export-Csv -path PathtoDestination\Destinationfile.csv -NoTypeInformation




Giving me the exact same result, a CSV file with the following content:



This is the content i am looking for:






Can anyone give an example on how to achieve this?

Any help is much appreciated.


Thanks in advance.


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Every time you run the Export-CSV cmdlet you are effectively overwriting the file. Use the -Append switch as an easy fix.

Hi Vasil


I have tried to apply the -Append option, but it gives me the same result.

A file with one "Computer" row and no computer names.


Any other suggestions on what i am doing wrong?

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I found the issue to simply being me missing the -Delimiter option on the import-csv command.

I added -Delimiter ";", since it is the seperator in the csv file, and things are working now.