Enabling Exchange Online E1 and Exchange Online Archiving

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Here's a fun one...I have about 3500 users licensed with E1.   I have about 700+ of those users who do NOT have Exchange Online Plan 1 activated.   Once those are activated, I will then need to apply an Exchange Online Archive license, and THEN add to my custom in-place hold.


What would be the best PS commands to achieve this?

1. Generate CSV of all E1 users WITHOUT Exchange Online Plan 1

2. PS Command to apply license to the above users.

3. PS Command to apply EOA license to above users

4. PS Command to add above users to custom in-place hold after mailboxes are created.


Any help would be great!  Thank you!

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To filter out users with some specific service disabled, you can use something like:


Get-MsolUser  | ? {$_.Licenses.ServiceStatus | ? {$_.ServicePlan.ServiceName -eq "EXCHANGE_S_STANDARD" -and $_.ProvisioningStatus -eq "Disabled"}}


Once you have the list, applying new license is pretty straightforward. I'd recommend using Litigation hold instead of In-place holds though, they are quite easier to manage.

That script worked like a charm, thank you!