Creating Team Channels in Customer Tenant using Secure App Model

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I have completed all of the prescribed tasks to create an App registration in the customers tenant. The app has been granted the following permissions (all showing "Granted"):

Azure Active Directory Graph:
--> Directory.AccessAsUser.All | Delegated | Access the directory as the signed-in user
--> Directory.Read.All | Application | Read directory data
--> User.Read | Delegated | Sign in and read user profile
Microsoft Graph:
--> Directory.Read.All | Application | Read directory data
--> SecurityEvents.Read.All | Application | Read your organization's security events
Microsoft Partner Center:
--> user_impersonation | Delegated | Access Partner Center

I successfully obtained the refresh token and, subsequently, an access token. I can successfully connect to the customers Teams using Connect-MicrosoftTeams which returns the correct Account, Environment, Tenant, TenantId, and TenantDomain.

The PowerShell script is running on a Server 2016 server hosted in our Azure tenant.

Using get-teams, I get no errors, but get null returned. The account used in Connect-MicrosoftTeams is an account in the customer's tenant with Global admin and Teams service admin roles. Yet, I can't even see a Teams team that I am the owner of.

Any ideas?

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