Creating a website to display Powershell Script Output

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Hi all,


I have a quick query, that I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with.


I run a number of powershell scripts weekly (Inactive accounts, DA memebers, etc) and the output of each script is emailed to my IT colleagues in either EXCEL or html format.


I want to try and create a website, where the output of all these scripts are displayed on one or more pages. Where should I start with this? and how can I integrate powershell into HTML? Should i be looking at ASP.NET?




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A quick and easy solution (depending on your security and other requirements) might be to run up an IIS web service and turn on directory browsing, then use convertto-html | out-file to make up some html files for each report with a date stamp. You can then browse to the webservice and see a listing of all the outputs.

If required you can have a separate script the cleans it up each week or month.

Thanks Peter, I'll give that a go and see how I get on!



To anyone who may still be interested in this, here’s a working demo of real-time Powershell output to a webpage.