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Hi Everyone, Actually I am looking for a script to do the following in result: 1- Create and Share Folder as the following permission: A\Authenticated Users: Read 2-Disable Inheritance from upper folder (root folder) 3-Add Description (in the comments): This folder to be used via user1 3- Set ACl Permission as the following (Domain A\SG1: Full Control, A\SG2: Full Control, SYSTEM: Full Control, A\SG3: Read, A\SG4: List Folder Contents, A\SG5: Write, A\user1: Modify 4- the Set Share & ACL is inherited on the Subfolders and files where: SG1, SG2, SG3, SG4, SG5 are Domain Security Groups and user1 is a domain user Actually, I found some scripts but not to grant multiple SG access on the share folder. Thanks

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Hi @Aamironit 




mkdir E:\testing\
New-SmbShare -Name "Shared Folder" -Path "E:\Testing\" -FullAccess "Contoso\Jeff","Contoso\Joe"

   [-FullAccess <String[]>]
   [-ChangeAccess <String[]>]
   [-ReadAccess <String[]>]
   [-NoAccess <String[]>]



Check out the official documentation.

I would love, if you don't "order" a script, but you share some code that you already made :)


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Thanks a lot, Actually I already seen this code to give full permission for one object user/group, but my point is I did not get how to set for more than user/group, if it is needed to be pipeline or how it is connected to be run all at one time.