Create HTML report for NTFS Permissions with nested view for folder and groups

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I found this script :

It's almost and I try to modify it to obtain what I want without success.
I explain in details what I want : 
From the report I obtain with the script, I want to replace the size of the Folder by NTFS Permissions of the folder, and members of the groups : 
>Folder Group1  Read
              Group2  Read Execute

              Group3  Modify


When I develop Folder and SubFolder 2, I will obtain

- Folder                          >Group1  Read

                                       >Group2  Read



                                       >Group3  Modify

              > Subfolder 1  >Group1 Modify

              > Subfolder 2   - Group2 Modify



                  SubFolder 3 (No sublevel for it, so no arrow in front of it)


Can anyone can help me to modify the original script to obtain what I want.

Thaks b

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