Configure AD FS 2016 and Azure MFA - How do I get the guid for Azure Multi-Factor Auth Client?

C Edwards

Hi All,


I am trying to Configure AD FS 2016 and Azure MFA as shown on the Microsoft site:


It says "981f26a1-7f43-403b-a875-f8b09b8cd720 is the guid for Azure Multi-Factor Auth Client" but doesn't show how we get this GUID.


When I try the command I get an error message I think is related to the GUID. How do I get the guid for Azure Multi-Factor Auth Client? 



I hope you can help

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The screenshot you posted uses a different GUID, make sure you provide exactly "981f26a1-7f43-403b-a875-f8b09b8cd720" as the value for -AppPrincipalID. As explained in the article, this is the id of the Azure MFA application that exists in your tenant:


Get-MsolServicePrincipal -AppPrincipalId 981f26a1-7f43-403b-a875-f8b09b8cd720

ExtensionData         : System.Runtime.Serialization.ExtensionDataObject
AccountEnabled        : True
Addresses             : {Microsoft.Online.Administration.RedirectUri}
AppPrincipalId        : 981f26a1-7f43-403b-a875-f8b09b8cd720
DisplayName           : Azure Multi-Factor Auth Client
ObjectId              : 81376720-790b-4752-bce1-a769de2bb39b
ServicePrincipalNames : {981f26a1-7f43-403b-a875-f8b09b8cd720, AzureMulti-FactorAuthClient}
TrustedForDelegation  : False


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