Cloning display on machine start script

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Hi, we have in my organization this scenario:


Windows computers on classrooms joined to a domain.

Same deployed images

Computers frozen with deepfreeze

Dual monitor configuration. Monitor for teacher and projector for students on vga/displayport ports


Every time the operating system image is deployed the screen is shown on single display (monitor or projector).


Some times the projector is turned off and the ctrl+alt+screen screen it's "hidden" on the turned-off display or its shown in projector that is in a hard-view angle for the teacher.


Displayswitch /clone is executed via user domain script (powershell) on this computers but has been impossible to execute this command on computer start domain script. Maybe security reasons of o.s., I don't know.


¿Hoy can I clone display every time computer starts without pre-configure computers one by one to clone display? With powershell or another command/utility that can be executed on start computer script.




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The only "PowerShell" solution I know of is just wrapping the displayswitch utility.


One thing to try is running the Displayswitch /clone script in a scheduled task, specifically using a user account and storing the password (though try without too).


If that works it's a case of figuring out how to deploy the task in a GPO or in the image.


Good luck! Interested in knowing how you get on with this one.