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I have location where a software saves an Excel File for me. ( I control the location, time and other things)


I have a powershell script already that emails this file to my Outlook Groups.


I need to see if i can add another code before emailing which compares/analysis the size of the file , lets say the file is 500 BYtes ( no data in the file) , then do not email or the next code doesn't execute/
if it is more than 500 bytes, then yes, execute the next line of code.

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@ankit shukla You can do something like this: 

Get-ChildItem | where { (-NOT $_.PSIsContainer) -and ($_.Length -gt 0.5KB) }

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Grtz, Manfred de Laat 

@ankit shukla 

something like this



if ((dir c:\temp\yourExcelfile.xlsx ).Length -gt 500) {"do hard work to sen the e-mail"}
(dir *.xlsx -file)|
     ?{ $_.Length -gt 500}|
         %{"Is greater do hard work to send the e-mail with file $($_.fullname)"}