Cant no longer change OWA's signature

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Hello all, 
I am trying to update my Outlook Web's signature with Powershell, like I always do, with the "Set-MailboxMessageConfiguration" command, but the signature is not updated.


But "Get-MailboxMessageConfiguration" shows that the new signature is there 



OWA allows now for some people/organitations to manage multiple signatures, but I can't find any documentation/information about that. 


So, how I can modify the already existing signature? Or, how I can create a new signature?



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We are suffering from the same problem and this is affecting a huge portion of our Production users. Some guidance from MSFT would be greatly appreciated!!
Having the same issue. Nice to hear it's not just us. I assume the changes haven't been built into the Powershell module yet???
No response from MSFT?
You can also add to / follow the thread on StackOverflow here: or my GitHub bug report here:

I suggest you also open a support ticket (we have too) as Chris Davis from MSFT suggested on my issue here:
I already raised a ticket at Microsoft in June, when the first time was, they changed the OWA UI and added the "multiple Signature" feature, but not update the set-mailboxmessageconfiguration CMDlet. Like every time, you need to discuss this hundreds of times with Microsoft and they do just "keep the customer busy" programs in their support. After a few weeks of discussion, they rolled back the OWA Update and everything worked fine. Now again, they updated the Servers with the new OWA Version for multiple Signatures and the set-mailboxmessagconfiguration command is broken again. Again, Microsoft Support is just discussing and wants to have fiddler LOGs or PSR for a Microsoft Server issue. The problem is, MS itself don't understand their technic and the support is just a "keep the customer busy" machine, without any help. It is disgusting, how much Microsoft hates their customers and like disabling their business. Please, if you have that issue, cause of the new OWA API for multiple Signatures, create tickets at MS. Thank you.

This is so frustrating that they would roll out this option of allowing multiple signatures, but fail to update an admin's ability to manage them. Even when accessing a user's' mailbox in the browser that i have full access to, it still only shows me the old interface where i can only set the one signature. But when they access the very same page inside OWA themselves, they can access and use multiple. 
Good idea in theory, but just very bad execution. And the fact that the multiple signatures is still not sufficiently documented anywhere is just horrible. Huge fail by the team rolling this out.

@rbishetq the feature "multiple roaming signatures" was rolled back and set on hold. In our tenant, I got back the standard configuration for single signatures, since 22-03-01. If you still affected by this, raise an official support ticket.

It wasnt rolled back globally, and just rolling it back feels like the wrong solution IMO. It is working and active in our tenant, and would potentially be more frustrating for our users if we removed their ability to manage and use multiple signatures now that they have already been utilizing that.
What is needed is for MS team to roll out admin controls for the multiple signatures so we can actually manage them via powershell and also OWA. They completely overlooked the admin controls on these, and this general oversight is the issue that needs to be addressed.
Good luck, I was trying to get such an solution over half a year, since MS began the rollout 05-2021, then did a rollback and re-enroled it with the same gap of feature in 10-2021, please inform us, as soon you got that solution ;)


Did someone get the solution for this issue? We still experiencing the problem updating OWA signature.




Not yet. I still have open ticket with microsoft asking them to fix it. Its taken a LOT of pushback and not taking "thats just how it has been designed/changed now" for an answer.
They straight up broke this when they rolled out the multiple-signature feature in OWA, and need to get it fixed, so i encourage you and everybody else to send tickets and get them to fix this oversight.
They need to get existing management functions such as powershell which are now broken updated to coincide with the multiple signatures functionality.


Yeah. I've already open a ticket to Microsoft about this issue. It's a nightmare to handle signature manually specially when you have thousands of users and your company have the policy to change the signature for season.

Hi VictorCSP,
Our whole organisation suffered the issue but we have used a 3rd party app called CodeTwo.
We then blocked the creation of personal signatures, but you can choos from various formats that follow the governance of the organisation.
Some depts. have a particular signature for compliance and legal reasons.
Not for everyone but CodeTwo changed our landscape.