Bug in Get-CMSoftwareUpdateDeploymentStatus cmdlet

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When I run the Get-CMSoftwareUpdateDeploymentStatus cmdlet I get the following message;

Get-CMSoftwareUpdateDeploymentStatus : Operation could not complete because the currently connected account does not have the required security 

rights to perform this operation.

I have the Full Administrator role

I can run

Get-CMPackageDeployment -DeploymentId "XX12008C" | Get-CMPackageDeploymentStatus


Get-CMApplicationDeployment -DeploymentId "{9462...43F34}" | Get-CMApplicationDeploymentStatus

both work flawlessly but I can't do the same for Software Updates

I run the following command;

Get-CMSoftwareUpdateDeployment -DeploymentId "{7047...d3fe}" | Get-CMSoftwareUpdateDeploymentStatus

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