Batch Script to turn on/off via serial com port epson projector EB982W

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Hi Everyone!


I have been working on a script to turn on or off a epson projector EB982W, with no luck.

They say in there documentation that they support esc/VP21 commands and the command to power on/off are PWR ON or PWR OFF.


more info can be found at this link: 


I found a blog on stackoverflow: 


that specifies how to open a port and send commands with powershell as so:


$port = new-Object System.IO.Ports.SerialPort COM4,19200,None,8,one




I have also tried $port.Write("<command>")


the port opens successfully but the commands are not received by the projector.

I would like to note that I have successfully sent commands with mobaxterm, proving that there is no hardware problem etc.


Does anyone have any experience with this,  direction, solution or advice.

I have already taken advice from numerous people without any success

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The documentation you linked to says you need to use the following port settings:

Select RS-232C at Advanced Setting of the Menu.

  • Baud rate : 9600bps
  • Data length : 8 bits
  • Parity : No
  • Stop bit : 1 bit
  • Flow control : No
  • Connector : D-Sub 9pin
  • Projector input : Control(RS-232C)

And make sure you serial cable is a cross-over cable (2->3, 3->2) not straight through.

thanks for your reply.
you are absolutely correct, unfortunately even when changing those settings it still doesnt work
since we are able to send commands using mobaxterm surely that proves that the hardware is correct