Automate HR AD User attributes and import in OnPremise AD

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I have a requirement to extract the DN of the members from Domain local Group and members are from trusted domain(remote) as the company merged so it is 2 separate Forests.


I need to update the users attribute in the Domain1 with HR database CSV file and also the members DN(Foreign Security Principal) from the Domain Local Group for the manager Attribute to be populated.


Is there a script that can be executed as scheduled task so the CSV file is imported in AD for updating the users? Set-Aduser and Get-aduser comes to mind but any tested solution for automation?


Similar to the config highlighted in this thread I am looking to implement as well.




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What is DN, Destinguage Name. Based on what I know, you cannot update this. It's a read-only value.
Just check the link I provided I am trying to implement similar solution but with updating manager attribute from different forest.