Accented characters lost when calling Microsoft Graph from Powershell script

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I wrote a script to create, update or delete contacts in one of my Exchange contacts folder by using Invoke-RestMethod cmdlet to call Microsoft Graph API.

The issue is that accented characters are replaced with the Unicode replacement character (a black diamond with a white question mark) in contacts properties where such accented characters should be displayed.


For instance when updating jobTitle property with characters 'éçèà', I get four replacement characters as shown in the attached file.


I tried with :

- PowerShell ISE 5.1

- PowerShell 7.0.3 terminal

- VS Code 1.50.1 with Powershell Extension 2020.6.0

- PowerShell within Azure Function


Calling Microsoft Graph API with some other API specialized software is successful : the accented characters get displayed in the Exchange contacts properties.


I'm a beginner in PowerShell scripting and with all aspects of using .Net functionalities.


Thanks for your help.

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I did not work yet with MG, but did you try the following

But I can refer you to similar case

Plus you can get more information about the encoding from here.





Thanks a lot for your reply : one of the solutions provided in Topic: Character encoding with Invoke-RestMethod | works for us. :)


Many thanks for your advice and time spent responding to us.


Have a nice day.

Stay safe.


Alain Klein