About PowerShell Open Source and the editor of choice!


Just before the "Windows PowerShell" section became available I posted some information that me be on interest under "Windows Server PowerShell" section. Go ahead and check it out at:





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I tried that as my editor when I was stuck with a Mac (IBM saving money deploying Macbook Pros) and have to say, Sublime was a much better editor on that platform for me.

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Thanks for the comments! I'm checking Sublime and looks pretty cool.  My comment was must for those how are already using PowerShell Core in Linux. I think it would make much easy transition using VS Code for PowerShell.


But, as my deep dive into Linux, I definitely check other editors. 


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I agree Sublime is very nice. But also very pricey. I've been testing Atom (atom.io) which is an open source editor w/ a similar package system that Sublime uses. So far a pretty good replacement.
I am loving vscode these days, the powershell extension update has made it my editor of choice.