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Windows Analytics in Operations Management Suite

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Can you clarify why should organizations use the Operations Management Suite (OMS) to manage PCs? Isn't it for managing cloud services? What OMS capabilities are free?

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OMS started as a service for managing cloud services and with the additon of Windows Analytics it is now extended to support PCs. The reason we have Windows Analytics in OMS is becuase it provides a rich log analytics platform that can be used either with OMS or Azure portal to collect, store and analyze data. Analysis tools in Log Analytics such as log searches, views, and solutions work against all collected data providing you with centralized analysis of your entire environment. Log Analytics is offered in two tiers: free and paid. The free tier has a limit on the amount of data collected daily and a smaller rention period for data. The paid tier does not have a limit on the amount of data collected daily and has longer retention period. To learn more on OMS licenisng options -

Windows Analytics (Device Health, Upgrade Readiness, Update compliance) are free to use. No licenses are needed, no agents to be installed. You do need a Azure subscription to be able to create a (new) OMS Workspace.