Windows 10 1903 compatibility hold

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Is there a way to see why Windows 1809 is not receiving 1903 feature update? 

I can see in Update Compliance logs that the machine is not receiving the update because "DetailedStatus: Compatibility hold"

but how do I find out which one of the issues here is causing the hold?

Is there some kind of log on the client machine or maybe in Logs?

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Try  to install the updates via Windows 10 Update Assistant.

Give it a go and let us know the result.


Another question , do you get the messsage : Some "updates are managed by organisation" on Windows update settings?


Thank you




Thanks for the suggestion - I can update using the link you provided. And updates are managed by organization -> the computer is in Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted), no deferrals or pause in use so it should receive the update when I check for updates. I can see in Intune >Log analytics that the computer update is failed because of Compatibility Block so Microsoft has blocked the feature update for this computer.  @Deleted 

BUT the question was - how do I check which known issue in this feature update is the reason for the block?

@Mari-2019 - Details on the source of the compatibility hold are not currently available through Windows Analytics, or through logs on the client machine, but we know this would be helpful so adding this level of insight is currently on the backlog for Desktop Analytics.

@Heather Poulsen thanks for the info!