What happens when a build expires?

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My understanding is that when a Win10 build expires, it will ignore any configuration by an organization (WSUS, WuB, etc) and reach out to MS update servers for an update action.


Assuming the above, Win10 1511 is due to expire sometime this fall (Nov?).  Will the machine ignore WSUS and pull a new build directly from Microsoft?  If so, what build would we expect to have the machine update too?  If not true that it pulls an update from Microsoft, what happens to the machine? Does it go into a reduced functionality state?

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When a particular Windows 10 release goes past its end of servicing date, nothing happens - no new updates will be installed because no new updates will be released.  This will leave you in an insecure state, so it's advised to upgrade to a later feature update before this happens.


We will have a blog talking about this later this week.

It does not go into reduced functionality mode.  (That only happens when the device isn't activated, and even with that, all that happens is that you can't customize the desktop background.)