Use PowerShell to search for delegated (password reset) permissions in Active Directory!



Dear Microsoft Active Directory friends,


This article is about searching delegated permissions (password reset) in Active Directory.


The following situation: You "inherit" a new customer. Now you would like to know, did the "predecessor" work with delegated permissions? For example, a person/group in an organizational unit was authorized to reset the password for all users in this OU. Honestly, this is a difficult task to determine.


Not only does Microsoft hide them in Users and Computers by default, but there is no built-in tool to get an overview of how permissions have been applied in AD. Now the PowerShell comes into play.


I have run the script on a domain controller and the output appears in out-gridview format (if there is a match). Please do not forget to adjust the ldap path in the script.


$filter = "(|(objectClass=domain)(objectClass=organizationalUnit)(objectClass=group)(sAMAccountType=805306368)(objectCategory=Computer))"

$bSearch = New-Object System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry("LDAP://DC01/DC=zodiac,DC=local")
$dSearch = New-Object System.DirectoryServices.DirectorySearcher($bSearch)
$dSearch.SearchRoot = $bSearch
$dSearch.PageSize = 1000
$dSearch.Filter = $filter
$dSearch.SearchScope = "Subtree"


$extPerms = `
'00299570-246d-11d0-a768-00aa006e0529', #reset password

$results = @()

foreach ($objResult in $dSearch.FindAll())
$obj = $objResult.GetDirectoryEntry()

Write-Host "Searching... " $obj.distinguishedName

$permissions = $obj.PsBase.ObjectSecurity.GetAccessRules($true,$false,[Security.Principal.NTAccount])

$results += $permissions | Where-Object { `
$_.AccessControlType -eq 'Allow' -and ($_.ObjectType -in $extPerms) -and $_.IdentityReference -notin ('NT AUTHORITY\SELF', 'NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM', 'S-1-5-32-548') `
} | Select-Object `
@{n='Object'; e={$obj.distinguishedName}},
@{n='Account'; e={$_.IdentityReference}},
@{n='Permission'; e={$_.ActiveDirectoryRights}}


#The output directly in Out-GridView
$results | Out-GridView



You can also find the script here under the following link:


I hope this article was helpful for you? Thank you for taking the time to read this article.


Best regards, Tom Wechsler


P.S. All scripts (#PowerShell, Azure CLI, #Terraform, #ARM) that I use can be found on github!

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