Tons of PRINTENUM reg keys

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We have some heavily used lab computers that get about 30-60 logins per day.  I'm not sure if this information is relevant, but due to the high number of logins we actually delete any profile older than 1 day. It seems as though there are a high number of reg keys under


Many of which refer to SID's that no longer exist on the machine.
I have googled this reg key but found very little information on it.
1. Are these reg keys ok to delete if the associated profile for the SID no longer exists?
2. Could the build up hundreds of these reg keys cause a computer to have slow startup or login issues? For example, the computer I'm looking at has ~280 PRINTENUM keys.  Most of them reference the same two queues over and over and over.
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I assume the computer get's rebooted from time to time ;) , are those local users or domain users? in case of domain users it can be something that "travels" with them.
Can you check the printers , if no printers are listed offline and/or full with failed print jobs? , is the spooler folder not full of old jobs?
The delete profile is not always working as those keys are usually in use and are kept, also if the users have roaming profiles an option also exits to remove "cached profiles".
A fast solution can be to run a script at logoff to have those keys removed.