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Syncing Intune with the Devices

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We have started to use Intune and it seems we are having a hard time when we change policies, if a policy has been set and we change it, it seems we have to delete the user and relog on before it takes effect, we have waited 2 to 3 days for it to sync and forces sync, and it has not worked for us any suggestions?

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Hi @KevinAngle,

you can check the dmwappushservice service.

If the Device Management Wireless Application Protocol (dmwappushservice) service is disabled, the device can’t sync with Intune. To fix the issue, change the startup type of the dmwappushservice service to Automatic.

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Leon Pavesic

Thank you and that does not seem to be the issues it seems that the sync is not working weather forces on either side on the server side or client, to update the security settings.