Sudden DNS issues over VPN

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We have had users connecting to us via OpenVPN for some time now. They have successfully used resources internal to our network as well as external, Internet based sources. However, one day a couple weeks ago that all stopped working for everyone. At first it was a few people, then a few more, then everyone stopped properly splitting DNS queries like they'd been using for so long. This presented itself as failures to connect to our Remote Desktop Services cluster which relies on round robin DNS to send them to random servers each time they request a connection. The way to resolve the problem was to add those servers to the local PC hosts file. The problem with that however is that the round robin function no longer works. Win10 just grabs the first server in the list.

In doing research it would appear that the Name Resolution Policy Table can be changed to force what we want however I can't find powershell solution to the problem. Can anyone help with this?

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