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Remove logoff option from Settings Pages

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On kiosk-like machines for shared-user purposes, we have provided an automatically logged on user, that is highly specialized for the needed purposes.


Among other things, we have removed the logoff option using GPO to ensure, that users are always using the kiosk-like PCs with the autologon-user:

User Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\CTRL-ALT-DEL options\Remove Logoff

Administrative Templates\Start Menu and Taskbar Remove\Logoff on the Start Menu


However, because users need to be able to adjust the screen scaling, we have allowed access to that Settings Page.

But when they change the scaling options, the settings page recommends to log off and re-logon.


And here it provides a log off option.

Example here from WinAero:



The users of course uses this option, as it is what Windows recommends them to do.

This leads them to the Windows logon prompt, where they by mistake log on using their personal account, instead of the autologon-user (for which they obviously don't know any credentials for).

Now, the PC is logged on using a personal account, which is being shared between the users of the PC.


There does not seem to be any GPO or registry setting, that can remove the log off option from the Settings Pages.

Or am I mistaken?


If not, please provide a setting, that can remove the log off option from the Settings Pages.

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Hello @martinj,


Based on my research, the Sign out now option appearing after applying Custom scaling can't be removed. This is by design. I believe the custom scaling can't be applied, until you sign out and then sign in back. 


Though, you can leave a feedback for this using Feedback hub, so that it gets addressed by concerned team.


Good luck!