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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Remove applications so Windows 10 is more suited to the Business Environment.

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Will the Management team be implementing a version of Windows 10 that is more suited to a business environment?


One where there are no games, controlled ancillary applications? 

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you can customize your image also microsoft they will release Windows 10 Workstation Soon


Would like to see this role as well. Where consumer experiences, privacy, location and cloud services are off by default.
You can use management tools or PowerShell scripts to remove any applications that your enterprise does not want on your devices. Starting with the Creators Update the apps will not be reinstalled once removed.
All Windows 10 SKUs contain the same list of apps; there are no plans to change that. But you can remove any of the in-box apps using PowerShell, MDM, and other methods. With Windows 10 1703, we don't put back user-removed apps; with the next feature update release later this year, we won't put back admin-removed (de-provisioned) apps.

Thank you for the Powershell suggestion.  I have done this for my company, the customization is great, it just took a considerable amount of time to accomplish the final version of the custom install.

How would I as part of the WIN 10 Business user group influence a change with Microsoft to include a business friendly SDK?