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Remote management shadow copy Windows Server 2022 Core. RPC error.


I have a problem not Windows Server 2022 used as file server.

Windows Server 2022 server installed with FOD.

I need to manage the shadow copy remotely from this server.

remote disk management

When accessing or remotely managing the shadow copy, an error appears.

initialization failure
Error 0x800706ba: The RPC server is not available.




Open firewall doors.





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I already did this procedure!
try this command or disable your firewall for testing.

New-NetFirewallRule -Name 'Remote-VSS-In-TCP' -DisplayName 'Remote VSS Remote Management (RPC)' -Description 'Inbound rule for Shadow Copies and other VSS writers to be managed remotely' -Profile Any -Direction Inbound -Action Allow -EdgeTraversalPolicy Block -Program '%SystemRoot%\System32\vssvc.exe' -Service 'VSS' -Protocol 'TCP' -LocalPort 'RPC'


Rule created.


Yet the blockade continues.


Show-NetFirewallRule | where DisplayGroup -eq "Remote Administration" | ft DisplayName,Enabled

Enable-NetFirewallRule -DisplayGroup "Remote Administration"

Show-NetFirewallRule | where DisplayGroup -eq "Remote Service Management" | ft DisplayName,Enabled


Enable-NetFirewallRule -DisplayGroup "Remote Service Management"



Execution of all commands.




Because shadow copy management does not appear in Windows Client.

so, you enable shadow copy on the windows 10/11.



I create two virtual machines with windows server 2022,

The vm01 use windows server 2022 with GUI, and vm02 use windows server core,

I execute those commands in the vm02 and do the Remote management shadow copy in the vm01.

Do we have any progress? I have the same Problem. Windows Server 2022 Core incl. FOD should remotely managed Volume Shadow Copy. If the firewall is turned on with the option: Log dropped packages ... nothing is logged in the firewall log. If the firewall is turned off VSS managenment is possible. No idea whats wrong.
I already have the solution. I'm writing an article soon, I'll post the link here.