Moving user files to another drive

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Before I had read the "how to move user folders..." I had tried to copy "documents" "pictures" etc. manually to a new location. I found out soon that I cannot delete these files in their old location' an unhealthy situation that might cause a lot of aggravations in the future.


Before I started to follow the steps specified in that article I had formatted the new disk (disk E). The reason for formatting was that some files that got there somehow could not be deleted; Windows required administrator privileges and although I am the administrator of the machine I couldn't figure out what to do to activate them).


Then I followed the steps in the article, but when I get to step 12 ("location tab" ) I do not see the E disk as a possible choice - it is not in the list, even though the disk *IS* available to Windows, and I can write/read it as well as seeing it with the files explorer:



Any ideas?

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Did you install Windows recently?
In this case try run Windows Update and download and install all updates.
Try restart your PC and see if the problem persists?
What happens when you attempt to delete them?



Thank you. Seems like everything is OK now (DISK E is being shown) so this thread can be closed.

Welcome, glad the problem has been fixed.