Manage Bitlocker Passwor/PIN ?

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Hi everyone,

I have problem when deploy Bitlocker :

How can I manage bitlocker password  with normal user , Adminisrator/IT allow them change password/PIN permission , but we might block them "Turn off Bitlocker" ?

I used the policy :  

Disallow standard users from changing the PIN or password

Result :

- Normal user can't changing Password/PIN . When them click "Change Password ", need to verified by admin 

- Admin account can change Password .

Anyone can help me ?

Thank you very much !

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If you want to allow your users to change the BitLocker PIN, why to you enable "Disallow standard users from changing the PIN or password"? Remove that policy and your users will be able to change the BitLocker PIN.

BitLocker can only be disabled by a local Administrator, so the defaults do exactly what you want.

@Daniel Niccoli  I reviewed my policy and removed "Disallow standard users from changing the PIN or password".

Now, normal user can change password but can't turn of Bitlocker .

Thanks !


@HanhTrinhGlad that helped. Please consider marking it as an answer to help other people with the same question.