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Improve the feature update experience

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Can you provide details on what (and when) you are looking to do to improve the feature update experience?

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What specific improvements would you like to see?
Faster (obviously), Smaller (obviously), better job of carrying over custom user settings (e.g. ..default mouse settings).....
We are constantly improving the feature update experience. With Windows 10 1703, we partially fixed the "apps come back" issue. With the next feature update, we'll fix the rest of the "apps come back" issue, improve the performance of the process, and (for some customers/tools) reduce the size.
I would like to see add-on language packs and keyboard stick and not need to be re-added.

Well, let's start with nearly every ConfigMgr MVP calling the servicing model essentially broken in its current state.  Language packs, applications, settings, and drivers that the current model provides no control over.  Which is what enterprises are looking for, control over the process to provide a seemless transition for our internal customers.