delete duplicate pictures

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I would like to accomplish a few things with this post;

A. help some company to reach the multi-millionares/billionare status

B. to resolve the overpopulation of data stored on mainframes and harddrives across the globe 

C. save every Windows user countless hours of frustration while sorting through copies of their information


This is an official challenge to the Microsoft Developers.


1. Make it an easy process for your users to store/migrate all of their photos and images in one location.

2. Simplify the process of finding and deleting the duplicate images on our device.

3. Give us the ability to see and delete all the copies of said files while knowing we are not deleting said file forever.

4. Answer/Respond in your forums to your customers that ask simple questions but never receive even a tip or shared link to resolve their issue or concern.



I have spent days compiling all of my documents and images from my phone, computer, and internet I am now swimming in duplicate files. After searching the internet for a good duplicate file cleaner only to be charged to use, I began contacting every branch of Microsoft I can reach only to be told that "Sorry to Inform you that Microsoft does not provide any tools to search for Duplicate files."


This is the year 2021 and we the consumers deserve better than to be presented with this as an actual response from any company's Technical Support that creates and manages such vast amounts of data.

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