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BitLocker via SCCM: Keys disappeared from AD

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Hope everyone is well.

I recently deployed a BitLocker policy via SCCM. BitLocker was previously deployed using MBAM server. I configured the Group Policy to save keys in AD. For machines that had already had their drives encrypted, I deployed a script via SCCM to capture these and upload them to AD.


Keys began to upload and everything was looking great. I checked a few users, myself included, and those keys that were not there appeared after the script deployment.

I've checked AD a week later and the keys are no longer present in AD.

The keys exist on the SCCM DB but they are encrypted so I can't use them.


Question 1: Is there any reason the keys would disappear from AD?


Question 2: Is there another way to view the recovery keys? Directly from SCCM for example?


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