Bitlocker Management not showing up on Company Domain Account

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My issue:

When I log into my Windows 10 Pro laptop with a local administrator account (<laptop_name>\<username>), Bitlocker management is available and active. However, when I log into the same Windows 10 Pro laptop with my company's domain administrator account (<company>.com\<username>), the bitlocker management options are missing from the control panel settings. I want to be able to manage bitlocker while logged in with my company account.


More information:

When initially enabling bitlocker, I still had this same issue: bitlocker management options were only available on my local windows account, and not my company windows account. So, from my local account, I turned on bitlocker, and, since I had previously logged into my company account, I selected the option to automatically back up my bitlocker keys to that company Azure Active Directory (AD) account. And I have confirmed that when I log into my AD account, I can see my laptop device listed there, and I can view my bitlocker keys for it. So, from my local account bitlocker was successfully enabled, my entire hard drive was encryped, and my bitlocker recovery keys are properly available on my company AD account.


Now, when logged into my laptop with my LOCAL account, I can view my bitlocker settings, and it says encryption is enabled and everything is good.


HOWEVER, when logged into my laptop with my COMPANY account, bitlocker settings are not available from the control panel. They just do not exist at all.


1. Why are the bitlocker settings missing when I am logged into my laptop with my company account?

2. How can I enable bitlocker management when logged into my company account?

3. Since I enabled bitlocker from my local account, is it still encrypting all the data when logged in with my company account?


Thank you.

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1. The most likely reason for BitLocker settings being unavailable from a company account vs a local account on the same laptop is probably that your company domain has group policy settings enabled on domain members that disallow changing BitLocker settings from domain accounts.

2. If the problem lies in Group Policy then the only way to do so would be to contact your company and let them know that you'd like that setting to be visible and have them change group policy settings to do so.

3. Yes, your data is still being encrypted on the entire device, even when you're using your company account, because BitLocker is a system wide thing, so even if you encrypt with the local account, your company account still gets the benefits too.

Hopefully this is helpful